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Advantageous Appearance: 4 Health Benefits of Smiling

November 28, 2023

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Woman wearing a brown scarf standing outside in a field with closed eyes smiling into the wind

Did you know that a happy face can benefit your health? It has a measurable impact on your body in several ways. If you have flaws in your teeth, however, fear of judgment can leave you with a tight-lipped and insincere grin. No one wants to show off their teeth if they’re dark, damaged, or crooked. In fact, those with dental problems are more likely to report feeling unworthy, depressed, or disinterested in social engagement.

Thankfully, your dentist can improve your overall well-being by addressing imperfections in your teeth with cosmetic dentistry. Once your teeth have been revamped, you’re much for likely to enjoy these 4 physical benefits of smiling. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefit #1: Strengthen Your Immune System

If you have a stubborn cold or lingering cough that you can’t seem to kick, it might feel unnatural, but try wearing a big smile. The act of lifting your lips releases certain neurotransmitters in your brain that help your body relax. Your immune system responds with an increase in efficiency, which is certainly something to be pleased about.

Benefit #2: Alleviate Pain

Smiling can do much more than simply relax your body. It also can provide some well-deserved relief from any pains you may be experiencing. Endorphins, serotonin, and natural painkillers are among the chemicals released when you smile. The next time you have an ache that you can’t seem to quell, you try to reduce the throbbing with a grin.

Benefit #3: Reduce Blood Pressure

Laughter often accompanies a smile. When you laugh out loud, your body experiences a sudden increase in heart rate and blood pressure. You also inhale more oxygen-rich air into your lungs which briefly stimulates your muscles, heart, and lungs. Then when you’re done giggling, your systems cool down just as quickly which decreases blood pressure and leaves you feeling calmer.

Benefit #4: Relieve Stress

The end of the year can be quite chaotic between holiday plans, work responsibilities, and a full calendar of activities. The added stress can take its toll both mentally and physically. Fortunately, you can reverse the impact by grinning. Even if you don’t mean it at first, you can trick your body into thinking you’re happy by plastering a smile on your face which releases dopamine to combat the extra pressure.

Don’t let defects in your teeth hold you back. Contact your dentist today so they can perfect your smile so you can live your best life!

About the Practice

At Dental Expressions, patients of all ages benefit from a husband-and-wife dental duo that provides a full range of services, including cosmetic dentistry. Using the most advanced technology, they offer up-to-date therapies that can help you reach your oral healthcare goals. If you’re stressed about flaws in your teeth, they can provide solutions to help. You’re welcome to request an appointment on the website or by calling (920) 788-6280.

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