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Painless Smiles with Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is no match for our periodontal care at Dental Expressions.

Gum disease is common and can be very serious. In fact, gum disease causes more tooth loss than any other dental problem or injury. Because it’s so common, we offer periodontal therapy for gum disease treatment at Dental Expressions near Kaukauna, WI.

Do you have gum disease?

Everyone should have a thorough periodontal exam regularly as part of the general dentistry care. We will look for any signs of early gum disease. Catching this problem early is one of the best ways to increase your chances of successful treatment. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you might have gum disease:

Because gum disease symptoms are often not that obvious in the earliest stages, we believe that the best way to receive an early diagnosis is through regular trips to Dental Expressions.

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Once we’ve diagnosed your gum disease, we can begin treating you with periodontal therapy. Non-surgical periodontal therapy generally involves scaling and root planing, although we may also use antibiotics to help eliminate the bacteria that are contributing to the infection. Scaling is simply deep cleaning along and below the gum line, while root planing is a procedure that refines the tooth root, allowing the soft tissues to reattach more easily and preventing bacteria from finding hiding places in the future. If you gum disease has progressed to the most serious stages, non-surgical periodontal therapy might not be an option, but most of the time, we can treat your gum disease with scaling and root planing right here in our Freedom dental office near Kaukauna.

The reasons for avoiding gum disease are many. For one thing, gum disease can be unsightly, causing your gums to look red and irritated. As mentioned before, another common problem associated with gum disease is tooth loss, and the shifting of teeth as your gums loosen can cause major changes to your bite. You might not know that gum disease can also be a contributing factor in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and complications of pregnancy. Fighting gum disease with periodontal therapy is vital for your overall health, as well as the life of your smile.

Make sure you’re visiting our office at least twice a year for periodontal health assessment. During these visits we can determine if you’re in need of periodontal therapy. We see families from all of the Fox Cities, including Kaukauna and Appleton, and patients come to us from Green Bay as well. Drs. Robert and Heather Heil are dedicated to eradicating gum disease for your long-term oral health and wellness. Contact us to make an appointment today.