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Q) What are the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea can be hard to diagnose, partially because it happens while you’re sleeping. This means you don’t notice the problem – long pauses in breathing during the night. However, there are symptoms you might notice while you’re awake that point to a possible problem with sleep apnea. Chronic fatigue, frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom, difficulty concentrating, snoring, moodiness, and morning headaches are some of the symptoms to look for. If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms, contact our office to explore the possibility that you’re suffering with sleep apnea. We offer sleep apnea therapy to help combat this very serious condition.

Q) How does my oral health affect my overall health?

Your oral health can have a major impact on your overall health in ways you might not realize. Gum disease, for instance, can exacerbate problems like diabetes and possibly contribute to heart disease if left unattended. Root canal infections can spread via the bloodstream. Your body is made up of systems, each affecting the others, so taking excellent care of your smile is part of taking excellent care of yourself.

Q) Is it really that important that my children wear a custom athletic mouthguard when playing sports?

Yes! Dental injuries are extremely common in kids who play sports, and these injuries can lead to lifelong problems and costly dental work. While there are one-size-fits-all and boil-and-bite mouthguards available at your local sporting goods store, a custom athletic mouthguard offers a higher level of protection and comfort. Protect your child’s precious smile with a custom athletic mouthguard.

Q) What causes tooth decay?

Plaque forms on your teeth, and this plaque is made up of bacteria that eat food particles left behind in your mouth, producing acid. These acids then erode your tooth enamel, forming a cavity. Brushing and flossing help prevent tooth decay because they remove the plaque and food particles necessary for acid formation.

Q) What dental insurance do you work with?

We will work with most dental insurance plans, and we are in-network providers for Delta Dental Premier, Humana PPO, Cigna PPO, and WEA.